Convinced that ready-made solutions, presumably exportable to the four corners of the world, have not proven to be effective, l’Atelier Castro Denissof & Associés conceives architectural and urban projects that are always deeply anchored within a local context.

Founded in 1978 by Roland Castro, the studio is joined by Sophie Denissof in 1988, and ultimately by Marie-Hélène Hours et Gérald Heulluy in 2012. Today, between 25 and 35 people collaorate with L’Atelier Castro Denissof & Associés on a regular basis. In June 2013, the studio opened a branch office in Abu Dhabi, managed by a longstanding associate, Jean-Michel Culas, with an important experience in the Middle East.

Roland Castro is a key figure in the French architectural and urbanistic field. He has developed, in the course of his career, an original approach to architecture, where political and social elements influence the creative and technical solutions conceived for every projects.

For him, the architect must be an outspoken intellectual. 

In 1981, under former French president, François Mitterand, he spearheads, with Michel Cantal-Dupart, the « Mission Banlieue 89 », aimed at comprehensively improving the urban and architectural quality of France’s major suburbs. The mission’s objective was to lead a « suburban revolution » by offering concrete propositions to address the serious problems surrounding major social housing projects. Following these initial propositions, the Atelier lead important « remodeling » works on several major and high-density suburban areas, some of which are still being completed today.

Since 2008, the studio has been a key participant in the « Grand Paris International Consultation », an urban project initiated by former president Nicolas Sarkozy, with the objective of transforming the French capital and its greater urban area in a major European and global metropolis for the XXIst Century.

Another major aspect of the Atelier’s expertise is the conception of large-scale urban projets aimed at re-energizing and revitalizing entire neighborhoods and macro territories : in Paris, Montpellier, Angers, or Louvres-Puiseux to name a few…

This practice is deeply intertwined with the studio’s architecture : for the Atelier, every building must be designed in response to its urban context.

Roland Castro was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1996, and was promoted to rank of Officer of the in 2010. Sophie Denissof was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres medal in 2008.