La Courneuve Park constitutes a link between the different cities of La Courneuve, Dungy, Stains, Saint-Denis, Le Bourget, and Garges-les-Gonesse, extending to the boundaries of the Val-d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis departments. The Central Park project aims at reconnecting these cities to the park itself.

“At last, 30 years later, the Grand Paris has found its anchor territory. Let’s build on the fringes of the La Courneuve Park. Let’s connect the surrounding cities to the park in 30 to 60 locations. Let’s build gardens inside the park. It is a huge project. An OBVIOUS project. Making sense on a global scale, from the Bourget Airport, to the ANRU neighborhoods, and the neighboring cities. It need not wait for the new subway line, it will be ready for the Tengentielle. We made it ourselves. We, builders, creators, “city designers,” sustainability experts. It is a subject of Grand Happiness for the Grand Paris.” Roland Castro

A founding act for the Grand Paris, the Central Park scenario is a project to (re)conquer one of the metropolis’ most poetic sites. Transforming the La Courneuve park is an opportunity to provide the territory’s inhabitants with a new living environment, to create a new piece of town, mixing housing complexes, public facilites, and office buildings over almost 2 million square meters along the 11 kilometers of the park’s circumference. The project creates a new centrality for the Grand Paris. It is a project of unprecedented power and scope. First initiated and conceived by the Castro Denissof & Associés studio in partnership with Silvia Casi, this project is now being carried towards its operational phase in association with CDU and les EnR, and aims at demonstrating the opportunities and benefits associated with its development for the Grand Paris inhabitants.